Know About Snapbot

Snapbot and Botman

It’s all about capturing unbelievable moments, embracing minimalism and showing off your personality instantaneously.

Our dedicated, BOT men assist you in taking your event a NOTCH above by creating fun and personalised experience for you and your guests that you can take home.


Need a permanently installed Photobooth?

We can build custom solutions that include hardware, software and on going technical support.

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Frequently asked questions

What events are best suited for photobooth?
Our Bot provides engagement for any type of event from holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, conferences, private dinners, product launches, anything and everything. Really, its all about the guests having a good time at any event
Will there be assistance through out the event?
Yes, the photobooth rental includes an onsite attendant - a bot guy or gal.
How much space does the photobooth take up?
Ideally we require a maximum space of 8X8 feet. We will also send a clear floor plan for your decor vendors.
Do you provide theme based props?
Yes. We've got them all. Silly one's, serious one's, retro, and everything in between.
How long does one print take?
Complete turn around time from click to print is 12-15 seconds for four 2x6, two 4x6 or one 8x6 prints.
Can I choose a custom logo and design?
Heck yes! Photo Templates can be personalised as per your event.Brands can use this feature as a great marketing tool.Additionally, we assist you in customising everything from backdrop to props to create your unique experience.
Will there be digital copy of photos?
Digital versions of all the photos will be available on our online gallery that will be shared via a link or drive.
Do we get unlimited prints?
Yes. Each package includes unlimited fun and prints.
Do you charge extra for setup?
No. We've got you covered ;)